Export Controls can be very complicated and determining if and when your activity or research may require an export license is not easy. The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) have developed training materials to assist university personnel in learning and complying with U.S. export control regulations.

Watch this brief introductory video to learn more about export controls at a high level. Additional resources, including a more comprehensive PDF presentation, are also available (see below).

CITI Export Control Training –  Individuals seeking web-based training in export  control regulations as they relate to University research may access the “US  Export Control Regulation” program on the Collaborative  Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website.  Click on the link for specific information on accessing the CITI Export Control Training module US Export Control Regulation Training

Export Control Basics – This introductory training presentation covers basic information regarding export controls, the types of research activities that may be impacted by export controls, and information regarding how you can ensure compliance with the regulations.

Export Controls and Export Restricted Research – This training presentation is designed to answer questions for researchers regarding what they need to know about export control, how export control regulations can impact their research programs, international collaborations, and what their responsibilities are under the regulations.

Export Control Job Aids – Our job aids are intended to identify red flags that might trigger export controls in the university setting.  These red flags may appear at any point in the research process and, when they are identified, the Export Control Office is available to provide a more in-depth determination.

Export Controls & Sponsored Programs – This training presentation provides export control basics including help with determining if export controls apply and step-by-step information on performing export control classifications. Discussion of the Fundamental Research Exclusion, problematic contract provisions, and strategies for dealing with troublesome clauses are provided.

In addition to the training materials provided by the university, there are a number of external resources available to you that can provide additional information regarding export controls:

  • The U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has created on-line training modules covering export controls, deemed exports, performing export control classifications, license exceptions, and anti-boycott regulations. The training modules are broken up into short video segments that provide general information on the essentials of export control in a very accessible and user-friendly format. The on-line training can be found at BIS On-line Training Room.
  • In 2004, the Council on Government Relations (COGR) created the brochure “Export Controls and Universities: Information and Case Studies.” The brochure provides general information regarding export controls and their impact on academic research. Included in the brochure are a number of case studies that represent potential situations encountered by universities.