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Managing Research Integrity during COVID-19 Emergency

Posted: March 26, 2020

As daily life is increasingly impacted by COVID-19, the Ohio State University finds itself in the unprecedented position of trying to carry out research and creative expression activities remotely or in new and imaginative ways.  Though the research setting may have changed, and some projects may be delayed, the University’s commitment to the responsible conduct of research must remain firmly rooted.  The practice of scientific investigation and creative expression must continue to be guided by integrity, ethical principles, and the established norms of the relevant professional community.   The Office of Research Compliance supports Ohio State’s core goal of creating distinctive and internationally recognized contributions to the advancement of fundamental knowledge and scholarship.  We remind all Buckeyes to uphold your continued responsibility to engage in and to promote:

  • thoughtful data management;
  • responsible collaboration, authorship, peer review, and publication practices;
  • suitable mentoring of junior researchers and scholars;
  • beneficent human and animal research; and
  • proposing, performing or reviewing research that is free from fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism.

The Office of Research Compliance is here to help you navigate through this demanding time, remains ready to support your research and creative expression activities, and reminds you to embody the Buckeye values of integrity, transparency, and trust.

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