Research Misconduct

As a recipient of federal funding, The Ohio State University is obligated to have an administrative process for reviewing, investigating, and reporting allegations of misconduct in science, and must comply with that process. The administrative process must be satisfactory to and be approved by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, or designee. The university’s policy¬†– University Policy and Procedures Concerning Research Misconduct – was adopted by the University Senate on May 29, 2008 and approved by the federal Office of Research Integrity. This process, along with any additional policies and procedures of the agency sponsoring the research, must be followed when responding to allegations of misconduct in research.

As noted in the OSU policy, the following practices may support a finding of misconduct when they occur in proposing, conducting, reviewing, or reporting research:

  1. fabrication
  2. falsification
  3. plagiarism

Allegations involving possible misconduct in research should be brought to the attention of the Senior Vice President for Research (614-292-7264) or Research Integrity Officers: Susan Garfinkel, (614-292-7150) or Courtney Mankowski, (614-292-5714) as promptly as possible.

Policies & Procedures