The 2014 annual e-COI disclosure is now available at   In the past, the e-COI disclosure process was completed during the fall semester. To better correlate with the federal requirement that the institution collect 2013 financial information and the April tax filing period, the e-COI disclosure process has been moved up this year.

The following faculty, staff, and students are required to complete this year’s e-COI disclosure:

  1. Faculty who have been identified as a project director, principal investigator, or senior/key personnel (including non-university employee consultants) on a sponsored projects in the past 12 months;
  2. Faculty who are investigators or key personnel on a current institutional review board (IRB), institutional biosafety committee (IBC), or institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC) protocol;
  3. Physician members of The Ohio State University Faculty Group Practice (FGP);
  4. Research staff members and students who participated as investigators or senior or key personnel on sponsored projects during the past 12 months, or who are investigators or key personnel on current IRB, IACUC, or IBC protocols are also required to comply with these reporting requirements and following procedures; and
  5. Faculty, research staff, and students who received salary support during the past 12 months from specific federal grants or industry-sponsored projects, which require COI reporting.

The above-listed individuals are asked to complete their disclosures on or before April 25, 2014. Please note that the federal regulations and university policy require faculty, staff, and students to update their COI disclosures within thirty days of receiving any new financial interests.

Please also note that if you submitted a 2013 annual disclosure, that information may now be imported from last year’s form.  You will have the option of importing the data with or without changes. All information submitted will be made available in future annual disclosures.


  • Sign onto the e-COI disclosure at using your OSU Internet Username (name.#) and password.
  • If you have never submitted an electronic conflict of interest (e-COI) disclosure, you will first be presented with information concerning university COI policy, federal requirements and the COI disclosure process.  Once you’ve read through the introductory materials, click “Continue to Disclosure Form.”  You will be taken to the e-COI disclosure.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the form.
  • If you submitted an e-COI disclosure last spring, you will be automatically directed to the 2014 e-COI disclosure form.
  • You will have two options to import the information you provided in your 2013 disclosure. If there have been no changes in the companies you consult with and the amounts of income you have received, you can simply import all of the information from last year.  However, if changes in your financial relationships have occurred, you can import and edit the information.
  • Your progress in completing the form will also now be tracked along the left side of the disclosure.
  • Any updates you make when filling out the form are saved whenever you click any of the “Save” buttons.
  • When finished, you must verify that the information you provided is accurate by clicking, “I verify that the above information is correct,” prior to clicking the “Submit Disclosure” button at the bottom of the form (or last section of the form). Please note that your form will only be considered complete after you click this “Submit Disclosure” button.


  • Your OSU Internet Username (name.XX) and password are required for login.  If you are not affiliated with The Ohio State University, contact the ORIS Help Desk.
  • For assistance in filling out the eCOI disclosure, click the Instructions button from within the form.
  • Help with regulatory or procedural issues is available by e-mail:
  • Technical assistance with the eCOI application is available at ORIS Help Desk.